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About us

The Story

About us

With a rich heritage rooted in Ancient Greece, the Byzantine Empire and greek craftsmanship come timeless and classic pieces of art and design. Named after Ellada-Hellas and la belle Helene, the brand integrates archaic elegance and eternal beauty with cultural tradition and folklore mythology. While aspects of the ancient culture affect the design of each piece, the Golden Greek Sun alluding the warmth and color it emits, is the brands predominant undertone.

Collections are influenced by Ancient Greek symbols, Cycladic statues, Byzantine granulation and filigree and Greek architecture. The inspiration drawn from the golden greek sun and the Aegean blue sea creats intricate pieces of jewelry embellished with Byzantine intricate details and elegant archaic shapes stemming from a land with natural beauty and rich history.

The Inspiration

With creativity, elegance and culture as its core ELANA Concept was born from a passion to revive greek craftsmanship and the art of greek jewelry, producing pieces of exceptional quality with a timeless feel. Each piece has a myth, is eternal yet contemporary, elegant yet effortless conceptualizing the lifestyle of todays worldly woman channeling her archaic femininity.